We optimize operations and safety on expensive, asset-intensive projects, starting with those in the Energy and Mining industries.

To achieve this goal, our 2nexo platform is built to natively connect and synchronize interdisciplinary teams of people with various inter-dependent skill sets and expertise, from multiple organizations, and who often work from many locations. Our platform delivers the right information to the right people in real-time.

2nexo Platform

Make an Impact

Our revokom 2nexo collaboration platform keeps your project team's communications in sync. The 2nexo Platform creates an environment that allows each project team member to ONLY receive the appropriate, contextual, actionable communications that are aligned to their role on the project. At the heart of the 2nexo platform is our werkgraph engine that maps each project team member to the appropriate Work and Message Types that centralize all communication and drive each conversation. Our modern, social-media influenced, web and mobile applications have a natural user interfaces that allow each user to create and respond to project communications with simple, intuitive gestures. The 2nexo Software Development Kit (SDK), with both REST and native support for today's most popular programming languages, allows you to extend our platform to your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

The 2nexo Platform (derived from the Spanish word "tunexo" which means "to bring together") is built with the strong belief that when teams of professionals are sufficiently synchronized in real-time, they can overcome any challenge and make a positive impact to your bottom line, the environment, and the world at large.


Our services bring you the best expertise allowing for more efficient business operations and lower operating expenses. We assist you in identifying opportunities for process improvements and in reaching competitive advantage through the development and implementation of innovative strategies that let you manage the pace of change, the growth of uncertainty, and the diversity of customer expectation.

Strategy Services

Through the analysis of existing business issues and the development of well structured and change supportive future plans, our consultants deliver value according to each customer's requirements, timeline and budget by combining insight, innovation and the talent of our workforce. (more)

Technical Services

We provide revolutionary solutions that allow our clients to make use of leading-edge technologies for their competitive advantage in order to meet with today's challenging business environment.

revokom helps organizations master their technology challenges, streamlining and connecting business processes, systems, and information to be more competitive and responsive in an increasingly real-time economy. (more)

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